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Liftmaster 1345 and 1355 Manual, Remotes and Parts


The Liftmaster 1345 and 1355 Security + garage door openers were popular models around 2006. The 1345 model has a 1/3 hp motor while the 1355 model has a 1/2 hp motor. Both are chain drive units and work on the Security + 315MHz radio frequency. Other than the horsepower of the motors the parts for both models are the same including the remotes and keypad. Below you will find the operator manual which can be downloaded. We also briefly cover how to program your remote to the operator, a few common issues and solutions, and the most common replacement remotes & parts.

Liftmaster 1345 Manual and Liftmaster 1355 Manual

The Liftmaster 1345 manual and the Liftmaster 1355 manual are your go-to resources for any information you need about your garage door opener. The manual has installation instructions along with instructions on how to adjust the operator, troubleshoot issues, and replacement part diagrams.

Programming Liftmaster 1345 or 1355 Opener Remote

Programming your remote is usually a breeze. Locate the Purple “Learn” button on the back of the garage door opener.

Liftmaster Purple Learn Button
  1. Find the ‘Learn’ button on your opener.
  2. Press and release this button.
  3. Press the button on your remote that you wish to program to the operator.
  4. Wait for the opener lights to blink or a click sound.

Commonly Asked Questions and Solutions

Q: What if my remote won’t program? 

A: Ensure your opener is plugged in and the electrical circuit is live. Check for any interference from nearby LED lights, which can sometimes affect the signal. Reset the opener and try programming again. If the light bulb is causing interference then you may want to consider using an LED or rough service bulb that is made for garage door openers. Read more about them here.

Q: The ‘Learn’ button doesn’t seem to work. What should I do? 

A: Unplug the opener for a few minutes, then plug it back in. If the ‘Learn’ button still isn’t working, it may be a circuit board issue. Refer to your manual for warranty information or contact a professional.

Q: My remote has a very short range. How can I fix this? 

A: First, replace the battery in the remote. If the range doesn’t improve, remove any potential signal obstructions or interference sources. If the issue persists, the remote may need to be replaced. The bulb in your operator may be causing interference. Read more about the bulbs that we recommend here.

Q: How do I erase all remote controls from my opener? 

A: Press and hold the ‘Learn’ button until the LED goes out (about 6 seconds). This will clear all programmed remotes. You will need to reprogram the remotes and keypad (if you have one) that you wish to use.

Q: My door won’t close and the lights are flashing. What’s wrong? 

A: This usually indicates an issue with the safety sensors. Ensure they are aligned correctly, the lenses are clean, and there are no obstructions. There also could be other issues causing the problem. Refer to the troubleshooting guide in the back of the opener manual.

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Finding the Right Replacement Remotes and Parts

When you need a new remote or part for your Liftmaster 1345 or 1355, it’s crucial to choose compatible items. Below are some of the most common replacement remotes including the 371LM 1-Button Remote, 373LM 3-Button Remote and 878MAX Wireless Keypad. The 41C4220A Gear Assembly and 041-0136 Safety Sensors are a couple of the more common replacement parts. Keep in mind that some parts may no longer be available.





893MAX Liftmaster Remote

  • 3-Button Remote

890MAX Liftmaster Remote

  • 3-Button Keychain Remote

878MAX Liftmaster Keyless Entry

  • Wireless Keyless Entry





41C4220A Gear Assembly

  • Replacement Gear Assembly

371LM Liftmaster Remote

  • 1-Button Remote

373LM Liftmaster Remote

  • 3-Button Remote

041-0136 Liftmaster Safety Sensors

  • Replacement Safety Sensors

Maximizing the Potential of Your Liftmaster Opener

Understanding your Liftmaster 1345 or 1355 and its manual, programming the remote, and knowing how to troubleshoot common issues are key to getting the most out of your garage door opener. Regular maintenance as per the manual’s guidelines and seeking professional help for complex issues will ensure your opener remains in top condition

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