Linear MTS and MTR Remotes
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Linear Opener Remotes: MTS-3 and MTR-1 Easy Programming Instructions & Opener Compatibility

Get the Correct Linear Opener Remote for Your Linear Garage Door Opener

Linear garage door operators are known for their reliability and security measures, making them a popular choice for homeowners. When it comes to choosing a remote for your Linear garage door operator, the MegaCode series is what you are going to need. Below we will discuss the differences between the Linear MTS-3 remote and the Linear MTR-1 remotes, which models of Linear operators they are compatible with and how to program them to your Linear garage door operator.

Differences in The Linear Remotes

Linear MTS-3 Remote

The MTS-3 remote is a 3-channel transmitter that can operate up to three Linear MegaCode receivers. It has a small and compact design, making it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The MTS-3 uses a frequency of 318 MHz and has a range of up to 300 feet. It also includes a visor clip for easy attachment to a car visor.

Linear MTS-3 Remote
Linear MTS-3 Remote

Linear MTR-1 Remote

The MTR-1 remote is a single-channel transmitter that can operate one Linear MegaCode garage door operator or radio receiver. It has one large button that can be used to operate one garage door operator. The MTR-1 uses a frequency of 318 MHz and has a range of up to 300 feet. It also includes a visor clip for easy attachment to the sun visor in your vehicle.

Linear MTR-1 Remote
Linear MTR-1 Remote

Compatibility with Linear Garage Door Openers and Linear Gate Operators

The Linear MegaCode series remotes, both Linear MTS-3 Remote and Linear MTR-1 Remote, are designed with flexibility in mind. The MegaCode system uses a unique, factory-set code that is embedded in the remotes, ensuring high-level security for every user. The MTS-3 and MTR-1 remote are compatible with all of the Linear garage door operator models using MegaCode technology which includes but is not limited to the following Linear residential garage door operator models:

  • LDO33
  • LDO50
  • LCO75
  • LSO50
  • LDCO800
  • LDCO801
  • LDCO850
  • LDCO852
  • LDCO841
  • LDCO863B
  • The MegaCode remotes are also compatible with the Linear external radio receiver models MGR, MDR and MDRU.

Both remotes are also compatible with the Linear swing gate operator models SWR, SWC and SWD along with the Linear slide gate operator model SLR-221.

The MTS-3 Linear opener remote and MTR-1 Linear opener remote are the successors of the earlier models – MCT-3 and MCT-1. The evolution from MCT to MTS and MTR series represents Linear’s relentless pursuit of creating the most advanced and user-friendly garage remotes possible. While the MCT series served users effectively, the new MTS and MTR series embody more advanced features, delivering higher functionality, and offering an improved user experience.

Programming the Linear Garage Door Opener Remote

Programming your MegaCode remote to your garage door opener is a simple process. First, locate the Learn button on your garage door opener. Press and release the Learn button to activate programming mode. The light should blink once and the red LED light next to the Learn Button should remain lit for 15 seconds. Next, press and hold the button on your Linear opener remote that you would like to program. Release the button once the garage door operator’s light blinks once. Finally, press the button on your remote again to ensure that it has been programmed successfully. Repeat this process for all buttons that you would like to program.


Choosing the right remote for your Linear garage door operator depends on your personal preference and needs. The MTS-3 remote is great for those who need to operate multiple doors or want a compact design. The MTR-1 remote is ideal for those who only need to operate one garage door operator. Regardless of which remote you choose, programming it to your Linear garage door operator is a quick and simple process. Enjoy the convenience and security of your new MegaCode remote.

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